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FeMan Consulting
HR Consultancy


Advise. Develop. Plan. Implement. Manage.

FeMan Consulting offers HR support, advice and guidance to small businesses who have no in-house resource. Whether your business is a start-up, expanding, or facing tougher times, as a business owner you will face a whole range of HR issues. 


Regain your freedom and focus on running your business.

02 Our services

Our services.

Getting stuff done

  • Employment documentation i.e. employment contracts and offer letters

  • Employee handbooks

  • Advice on HR policies & procedures appropriate for your business

  • Outsourced HR

  • General ad-hoc HR advice

  • Simple and effective HR administration

Save time & money

  • Have an experienced professional on your side

  • A wide network of trusted providers

  • Review / implementation of employee benefits

  • Takeovers and business integration

Let us help you handle those tricky situations

  • Employee relations issues

  • Managing redundancies and dismissals

  • Handling poor performance

  • Dealing with disciplinaries and grievances

Getting the right people for your business

  • Background screening

  • Effective onboarding of new employees

  • Advice on your hiring process

  • Establishing an effective performance review process

  • Building an in house HR resource when your business grows

03 Our experience



Mike Clyne has worked in HR since 1989. His career started at Ford as an Employee Relations Officer. After five years and four roles he then moved to work in the City. Over the next 11 years, he worked for UK, European and US firms looking after a variety of business areas such as Equities, Fixed Income and Investment Banking, dealing with a wide range of issues at all points of the economic cycle.

In September 2005 he realised a long term ambition and established his own business, FeMan Consulting. Today the company is recognised as a specialist outsourced HR business offering HR consulting, support and advice to small and medium sized businesses with no internal HR capability.

Whether it is advice on the HR matters that must be done, those which should be done, or things that could be done; Mike believes that all guidance needs to be pragmatic and realistic.

With experience in a wide range of HR issues, FeMan Consulting works as an extension of your business, always with an eye on your bottom line.

See our case studies below for a small selection of projects we've undertaken.

04 Case Studies

Case studies.

Background Screening Podcast

In May 2022 I recorded a podcast interview about background screening with barrister Daniel Barnett as part of his Employment Law Matters series. 


We covered:

  • why you should do background screening,

  • what checks can be done,

  • using screening to help manage your risk

  • why consistency in the process is essential

You can listen to the interview here.

s4e4-employment-background-checks-with-mike-clyneFeMan Consulting
00:00 / 44:54

FeMan Consulting handling performance

A small business that had had an ongoing poor performance issue with an employee contacted FeMan Consulting from contacts within their industry. FeMan Consulting advised the business about the various options available to them and the risks that each option entailed. Under the guidance of FeMan Consulting, the situation was resolved swiftly with no outstanding legal risk.

FeMan helps with difficult questions

A financial services company was acquiring another smaller business. FeMan Consulting was recommended to them to handle their HR work during the transaction. There were to be a small number of redundancies as a result of the acquisition. FeMan Consulting advised the company throughout the acquisition and then helped with the redundancy process to avoid unnecessary legal risk and kept costs within agreed limits.

FeMan helps with launch of a new Hedge Fund

FeMan Consulting was introduced late in the formation process and within a few days, their employment contracts and offer letters were prepared. FeMan Consulting advised the partners about the HR policies and procedures, which were consolidated into the employee handbook. Within four-weeks, the employee benefit package, pre-employment screening and initial HR needs had been met.




Professional Services Company, 20 employees

"Owning and running a small business, we don’t have the luxury of having an Internal HR Team which would take significant investment.  Mike & FeMan Consulting were recommended to us after several complexities materialised around employee legislation and contracts.  Mike is extremely professional and his knowledge in handling difficult employment situations is second to none.   He was often available at short notice and went above and beyond to ensure our business was protected.  As a result we have outsourced our HR function to Mike and he has fully integrated an HR Process into the day to day running of our business, allowing us to focus on what we do best.  I would highly recommend his services".

UK Asset

"We first met Mike back in 2008 when it was essential for us to find reliable, professional and experienced people to outsource key aspects of our business to, such as Human Resources. He helped us greatly with the spin off and to this day has continued to work alongside us. Mike has assisted us with the key areas of HR such as hiring, contractual matters or employee relations issues. Mike is a person who focuses on understanding your business and understanding your objectives and his collegiate approach to work has been a perfect match for our business. We look forward to continually working with FeMan Consulting in the future".

Investment Manager


"FeMan Consulting is a prominent member of our Human Resources team since inception, from small beginnings of a three person office to a fully operational investment bank. We as a firm adopt the approach of “best in class” and without a doubt this is a description that we associate with FeMan Consulting, not only advising us on our employment contracts, but also on various HR initiatives and employment policies and the implementation thereof. FeMan Consulting’s professional approach, support and patience are highly commendable".

05 Useful guides

Useful guides to download.


As you are about to start your new business, your ‘to do’ list appears endless. That’s why we have created FeMan Consulting’s HR Action Points for Start Ups – your checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything at your busiest time.

Established business

You can't afford to neglet your business's HR now it is up and running. FeMan Consulting’s HR Action Points for Established Businesses will allow you to review your current situation, and help you plan effectively for the future.

06 Next step

Next step.


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